Monday, March 9, 2009

Boom in Bird-Watching

Tourists interested in bird-watching is booming worldwide and Guatemala seeks to become a destination for this type of tourism. For this reason, World Vision, Inguat, and the Centro de Capacitación Comunitaria Tule have decided on a program to train 15 youths to serve as bird-watching guides in Chiquimula y Jutiapa.

It's estimated that 30 percent of tourists arriving in Guatemala are interested in bird-watching and these visitors not only seek to see certain species but also to learn about the species' environment and interaction with other birds.

Guatemala has many places to observe birds and what is needed now are competent guides who know the bird species and know how to work with tourists.

In just one week in Guatemala, a bird-watcher can observe as many as 400 different species. Guatemala has least 720 bird species.

This pilot program is aimed at young people from remote communities, not only to create specialist guides but also to contribute to the conservation of natural resources in the country.

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