Thursday, March 19, 2009

Assistant Secretary of State to Visit Guatemala

Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Thomas Shannon, will make a one-day official visit to Guatemala on Friday to discuss issues related to regional security, trade and immigration.

Official sources confirmed that Shannon will come to Guatemala early on Friday and planned to meet with President Alvaro Colom and foreign minister Haroldo Rodas.

"The topics to be discussed with the Assistant Secretary of State will be about immigration, regional security, trade and the effects of the global financial crisis in Central America," the sources explained.

Moreover, the the president will use the opportunity to confirm to Shannon his participation in the meeting to be held on March 30 in Costa Rica between the presidents of Central America and the U.S. vice president, Joe Biden.

According to sources, "We will also talk about the upcoming Summit of the Americas", scheduled to take place in Trinidad and Tobago from April 17 to April 19 where the presidents of Latin America and U.S. President Barack Obama will meet.

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