Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thievery in El Estor

Looting of homes and shops, and assaults on pedestrians by suspected gang members remains a problem for the residents of El Estor. They demand more of a presence by the PNC. They feel the PNC's absence facilitates criminal activities in that region.

One resident said, "The crime does not stop. At night we keep vigil because the criminals take advantage and loot our homes. Five days ago they cut the mesh of the door to my house and stole a bike. It may not mean anything to someone who earns a good salary but we live by agriculture and in many cases we sacrifice our children's food to buy seed."

The criminals attack people as they leave banks and they rob housewives coming home from the market and take all their property.

A citizen of the Los Cerritos neighborhood complained that whenever they ask for help from the police, the agents do not address our calls. "Here, young people use drugs in public, thus endangering the children, because they fight among themselves threaten to rape the girls."

The districts most affected are San Francisco, Barrio Nuevo, Los Cerritos and El Centro. "10 days ago they ransacked a house and stole valuable medical equipment. Police were notified, but they arrived three hours later. Obviously, no on was arrested." said another citizen.

Women, especially young people, do not go to church for fear of thugs sexually abusing them. "Recently I left the church at 2130 hours, eight youths blocked my way and at gunpoint demanded my wallet."

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