Saturday, February 21, 2009

Testimony Before the Minimum Wage Commission

The Labor Ministry yesterday gave testimony before the Tripartite Commission on the Minimum Wage, to establish a formal dialogue and discuss improvements to the minimum wage for workers.

"We want the employers, labor, and government to make proposals to improve the minimum wage," said Edgar Rodriguez, Minister of Labor. The official admitted that the past year did not achieve any breakthrough on this issue, but expects that with the testimony the committee can begin work. He went on to say "Unfortunately, 2008 only served to get the house in order. But this is a big proactive step that we are making now."

Adolfo Lacs, of the Federation of Bank Employees, said that they will fight for increasing the minimum wage. "When people have a better income, they improve their living conditions and consume more goods, like vegetables, meat, foods that are produced in Guatemala. The increased consumption will generate more jobs. It is a virtuous cycle that's driven by the consumer, "analyzed Lacs.

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