Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Robbery in Puerto Barrios Schools

Puerto Barrios, Izabal

Yesterday, unknown burglars entered the school building at the Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta Luis Aragon at 5th Street and 4th Avenue, and looted the school store.

They jumped the two meter high perimeter wall of the establishment and forced the gate in order to steal the merchandise. They also smashed walls and wooden doors to enter the classrooms.

The director of the school, Hugo Sancé reported that thieves took more than Q2,000 in products from the store. "Worse still is that the products were consigned and are due to the supplier companies. In addition, supplies needed by students were taken," he said.

Sancé explained that the shop is owned and administered by school parents who take turns at running the store.

This is the second time that the school has been attacked. "We went to the National Civil Police (PNC) to complain and were told that it's almost certain that the robbers are local and from the neighborhood," he said. "We were told that they would see what they could do for us," said Sanco.

He said that discussions are in progress with parents that he proposed the organization of groups to make rounds at night.

Two other robberies have occurred in the Escuela Oficial Urbana para Niñas on September 15th. Dalila Canales, director of the school recounted that in less than 30 days the crooks broke in twice.

She assured that complaints were registered with the PNC but the chief of the PNC in Izabal, Luis Say, said that complaints were not registered. But he promised to monitor the school more closely.

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