Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Q72 Million Invested in Coatepeque Water Project

A piped water project in Coatepeque will benefit approximately 15 thousand families in the region. The city invested Q60 million and Q12 million from a private initiative.

Rodrigo Bonifaz, company representative Cor, S. A., which conducted the study, reported that the families decide if they will connect only to the old system or both the old and new.

Coatepeque has had disruptions of the water supply, especially in the upper parts of downtown and nearby neighborhoods. The situation gets worse in the summer.

The current water system that supplies the city was built in the 1960s during the administration of Mayor Manfredo Hemmerling Morales.

Water storage on land was the property of finca Ona, El Quetzal, San Marcos, and is transported through pipelines over the Naranjo River, to the treatment plant of La Finca Nopalera, Colomba.

Six distribution tanks will be built in the north part of the city and connected to the distribution system.

An average service of 60,000 liters per month will cost Q25 per month.

The builder of the system has a contract to receive fees for 20 years as part of the agreement reached with the municipality

Local citizens say that it's worth it to pay Q25 a month to have water that's on 24 hours a day instead of just a few hours each day.

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