Friday, February 27, 2009

Fungus Causing Losses in Maize Yields

Maize is the staple diet for thousands of Guatemalans. Farmers of Alta Verapaz, Quiche, and Peten have been hit since last December [2008] by a fungus called 'slick asphalt', which blackens maize crops, reported the National Basic Grains Commission (Conagrab).

The president of Conagrab, Alberto Ical, said that crop losses of up to 75 per cent due to this fungus have been reported in Chisec, Alta Verapaz, and La Chapina, Quiche, where maize production of 30 000 and 40 000 quintals [3000 and 4000 tonnes], respectively, had been estimated. Outbreaks of the disease have also been detected in Sayaxche, Peten, with estimated crop losses of 50 per cent, Ical added.

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