Saturday, February 7, 2009

Focus on Child Labor

The National Coffee Association (Anacafé) conducted an analysis of local perceptions about child labor, which is to provide the basis of a national policy to eradicate child labor.

According to Anacafé, the goal of this research is to establish a benchmark of knowledge, information, causes and effects of child labor in the country's coffee sector, which will also provide guidance for strategies of awareness, training and outreach, and to strengthen efforts to reduce and prevent it.

Jesus De la Peña Rípodas, subregional coordinator of the International Program to Eradicate Child Labor (IPEC) of the International Labor Organization (ILO), said: "It is of utmost importance to have information that indicates the perception of child labor in this [the coffee] sector." He added that it will serve as a basis for strategies for the prevention and eradication of child labor, specifically in the various sectors of the coffee trade."

According to the Ministry of Labor, there are an estimated one million child laborers nationwide. More information

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