Monday, February 23, 2009

Campesinos Organize in Opposition to Economic Plan

Workers in the farming sector have organized to protest the government's economic recovery plan.

The campesinos argue that funds from the plan are aimed at megaprojects to build roads, bridges, and other major infrastructure, and as a result does not benefit the campesinos and only a few of the poor who find jobs on those megaprojects.

"The government plan, in the case of agriculture, will not have a real impact on rural economies," said Juracán Leocadio, of the Consejo Nacional Indígena y Campesino, at a press conference.

Instead, the farm workers say the funding for those megaprojects will end up in the pockets of the rich and foreigners who own the big construction companies, and will not benefit the campesinos at all.

The peasant leaders also complained that the president has failed to submit the Ley del Sistema de Desarrollo Rural (Act of the System of Rural Development), which was promised for January. Furthermore, they threatened to withdraw from the discussions in June if not the promises are not fulfilled.

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