Wednesday, February 11, 2009

50,000 Without Water in Esquintla

Community Development Councils (Cocodes) and citizens seek the support of Government through a request to Sandra Torres de Colom, because 15 neighborhoods in the City of Escuintla have been without water and the city is unable to provide a solution.

The people of those neighborhoods have suffered without water for more than six months. The number of people affected exceeds 50,000 in the neighborhoods of Prados de San Jorge, Portales, San Felipe, El Recreo, South Palera, Monterrey, Santa Marta, Madrid, El Maestro, Sebastopol, Prados del Rio , Cascade 1 & 2, The Effort, New Spring Settlement Center and Escuintla. In some neighborhoods the service has been irregular and some have gone for days without water.

One resident of El Recreo said that for three years he bought water by the barrel at a cost of up to Q480 a month.

Some residents have taken to attempting to drill wells but this is a dangerous solution because it can cause subsidence of the land and cause damage to buildings unless the well is located sufficiently far away.

Abuse of Authority

The community leader José Adán Santos pointed out that in 2008 the Mayor of Escuintla, Julio Melgar, ordered employees of the municipality to disconnect a pipe that was feeding another neighborhood and route the water to his residence in the colony Soesna, leaving residents in the center of the city without water.

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