Monday, February 2, 2009

10,000 Motorcyclists Caravan to Esquipulas

More than 10,000 motorcyclists participated on Saturday in the "Caravana del Zorro" which starts from Constitution Square in Guatemala City. Some of the motorcyclists arrived as early as 4:00 AM. At 7:00 AM the flag dropped for the massive motorcade to begin. The route travels from Guatemala City to the Basilica of Esquipulas to pay homage to the Santo Cristo Negro.

As the thousands of motorcyclists gathered in the central square, the metropolitan Archbishop Cardinal Rodolfo Quezada gave them his blessing. More motorcyclists join the motorcade as it progresses. The ceremony before the event was attended by Mayor Álvaro Arzú and Vice President Rafael Espada, who is a lover of two-wheeled vehicles. The mayor spoke to the audience about the tradition of the Caravana del Zorro. The mass pilgrimage began in 1961 with six motorcyclists.

On this occasion the Caravan was led by Eddy Villadeleón, son of the late Ruben Villadeleón, aka Zorro, in whose memory the pilgrimage is named Caravana del Zorro. Many motorcycles were creatively decorated. There were also whole families, children, parents, and couples, participating in the pilgrimage.

According to organizers, the motorcade usually begins to arrive at Esquipulas around noon.

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