Friday, January 30, 2009

Children of Casa Alianza will be Safe

The closure of Casa Alianza was a blow to 99 children who were under their protection. 13 have been returned to their families but 86 others are still awaiting an uncertain fate.

Claudia Rivera, director of Casa Alianza, reported that they are seeking to place at least 50 of the 86 youths who are still in their care. Rivera said he does not know what will happen to the children but said that they are seeking an agreement with another organization, such as Remar, to take care of them. They cannot be sent home because that's where they were abused.

Some children prefer to go with family members who are not their parents, and others, especially children who are already mothers, seek to be independent, having learned a trade. In addition, there are about 4,000 children who were beneficiaries of the street and prevention projects, which could be served by a Spanish organization, according to Rivera. Before transfers can take place a court order must be obtained because the children are under protection by court order but as of yet no organization has stepped up to take responsibility.

Abraham Baca, a spokesman for the Attorney General's Office (PGN), said it can not intervene because they are involved only when an adoption process takes place.

Guillermo Melgar, a spokesman for the Supreme Court said that the children were placed in Casa Alianza by court order and now it is up to the National Council for Adoptions (CNA) to send each case to a family court. Rudy Zepeda, a spokesman for the CNA, refrained from making comments.

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