Monday, April 14, 2008

The Fair!

Yes, Rio Dulce has an annual fair, complete with thrill rides, kiddy rides, food and candy booths, large portable restaurants, game booths, and portable beer drinking establishments that show videos of Central American and Mexican rodeos (which are considerably rougher and tougher than the U.S. version). The fair takes place each year around Semana Santa (Easter). It officially opened today, Sunday, April 13th and will run until Sunday, April 20th. This year the fair unofficially got under way a week early, last Sunday, April 6th, and officially opened today.

For the locals, one of the highlights of the fair is the "Flor de la Feria" (Flower of the Fair). This is a teenage girl who is elected and reigns as "Queen of the Fair" and you will see her making her rounds at the fair wearing her crown. The selection process begins well before the fair starts and this year culminated last Sunday, April 6 with the election and parade of her and the runners-up. Unfortunately, the election caught us by surprise and we did not get photos of the event this year. However, Don Gato has taken quite a few photos of the fair itself. Just click on the photos to see larger versions.