Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Stoplights in Puerto Barrios are Working Again

Stoplights were installed 12 years ago in Puerto Barrios / Santo Tomas de Castilla, but without maintenance they fell into disrepair and stopped functioning four years ago. In some cases, the neglected equipment was stolen and sold as scrap. After an investment of Q150,000 the traffic signals are repaired and operating again.

Approximately 25,000 vehicles, 5,000 motorcycles, plus cargo vans and semis enter and exit Puerto Barrios / Santo Tomas de Castilla every day and without traffic signals the result has been chaos. Now that the signals are repaired, traffic should flow in a more orderly manner and vehicles should be able to keep to their schedules. The Alcalde, David Pineda, confirmed that two more traffic signals are being considered at 23 Calle, and at the entrance of the Hospital Nacional in order to cut down on accidents at those locations. The municipality of Puerto Barrios is also studying a plan to install traffic signals but is concerned that the equipment might be stolen.