Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forum Upgrades

The Maya Paradise forums / bulletin board have returned to immediate posting but with semi-automatic moderation. Eight years ago, the forums were unmoderated and new posts would appear immediately. Three years ago, the proliferation of spam robots and other problems forced me to go to full moderation where every single post had to be reviewed by an administrator or moderator before being approved. This sometimes took way too long and recently with my loss of connectivity to the site, the forums went completely dead for a long period.

But immediate posting is back! I am trying a new approach where a very strict spam and obscenity filter examines each post and determines whether it can appear immediately or be flagged for moderator examination. The primary focus of the forums is travel, tourists, and cruisers, and virtually all legitimate messages of that type should pass the filter and appear immediately. Those few posts that do not pass the filter are not lost but simply delayed until an admin or moderator approves it. (or deletes it if it's spam or junk)

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