Sunday, April 6, 2008

Congress to Consider New Quetzal Notes and Law Protecting Women

April 6, 2008

This Tuesday, April 8th, the Guatemalan Congress will reconvene. Much of the Congress's recent attention has been focused on a law that would criminalize all violent acts against women. Further consideration of this topic is planned for Tuesday. Also on the agenda are discussion of the designs and colors for the proposed new Q200, Q500, and Q1000 notes. A third item on the agenda is a plan to lift the IVA tax on petroleum fuels and derivatives in order to reduce the cost of gasoline and diesel by Q3 or Q4.


Don Gato said...

I heard a few Gringos here badmouthing Colom and saying, "Yeah, just what Latin America needs, another Socialist!" Well IMHOP it may be just what Guatemala needs. He made a lot of promises in his campaign and people said, "Yeah we've heard all that before." The other choice the people had was the "Mano Duro" candidate who was an Ex General who wanted to get rid of the police and replace them with the Army.

I think the people made the right choice. Colom has already begun to take action on some of his promises. Some of which you mention in your article. If he can reduce or even just stabilize the cost of fuel it would go a long way towards lowering the cost of food and everything else, since everything moves by truck here.

If he can do anything to protect women from domestic violence I would applaud him myself. This is a very macho society. Women are routinely beaten by their husbands and just as often left alone with children to take care of by themselves with no income. My girlfriend has two daughters, one 16 with a one year old baby and another who is fifteen and seven months pregnant. Neither is legally married to the father and each has been beaten by their man.

All in all I think the new President is doing a pretty good job especially since he has been in office for only a few months.

Something you did not mention is a little on the rougher side but he has had three battles with drug gangs in the last couple of weeks in which the Police killed numerous members of drug gangs and confiscated large caches of weapons and cash.

On the new Q notes, the Government has already issued a new one Quetzal note. It seems it was costing them more to mint the coin than it was worth. The new notes are printed on high quality plasticized paper in Canada. They are certainly easier to carry around than all those silver dollar sized one Q coins.

ShutterSparks / KW2P said...

Indeed, the drug busts are proceeding now that Guatemala has a president who is not a criminal or in bed with the drug dealers. The police snatched up another 200 kg of cocaine today (Sunday) bringing the total so far to 1.2 metric tons of coke seized.

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